2nd Workshop On User MObility and VEhicular Networks

Workshop Program

09:00-10:00 Welcome and keynote

10:00-10:30 Morning tea break

10:30-11:30 Session I Mobility management and Heterogeneous Network Access (2 papers)
Session Chair: Robert Brannstrom, Lulea University of Technology.

11:30-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Session II Security and Addressing Mechanisms (2 papers)
Session Chair: Ben Falchuk, Telcordia Technologies

14:00-14:10 Break

14:10-15:10 Session III MAC protocols (2 papers)
Session Chair: Aaron Striegel, University of Notre Dame

15:10-15:30 Afternoon tea break

15:30-16:00 Concluding discussion and summary


Quality of Service Provisioning in Wireless Mesh Networks: Advances and Challenges


Ehab Elmallah, Professor of Computer Science, University of Alberta


Wireless Mesh Networks based on the IEEE 802.16 family of standards are increasingly being deployed as metropolitan area networks that provide broadband access for both fixed and mobile users. Their architecture supports both last mile deployment scenarios, as well as deployments as backhaul networks for transporting traffic from residential and business hot spots and traffic from the edge of cellular networks. In this talk I discuss various aspects of quality of service provisioning in such networks with special emphasis on the advances and challenges encountered in the design of multi-hopping multi-channel mesh networks.

About the Speaker

Ehab Elmallah is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Alberta. He received the B.Sc. degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Alexandria University, the M.Sc. in Computing Science from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and the Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada. His research interests lie in designing computational tools, performance models, and combinatorial algorithms for resource management, reliability, and security problems in mobile and wireless networks. He has numerous publications in reputable journals and conferences. He has served on the organizing and program committees of numerous international conferences. He also serves on the editorial board of a number of international journals and has served as a guest co-editor of a number of special issues. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a foundation fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications.


Session I Mobility management and Heterogeneous Network Access

  • Innovative Approach for Improving Access to Wireless Services in High Occupancy Vehicles. Ben Falchuk (Telcordia Technologies, Inc., US); Ming Lai (Telcordia Technologies, Inc., US)
  • Mobility management for highly mobile users and vehicular networks in heterogeneous environments. Karl Andersson (Lulea University of Technology, SE); Balkrishna Gukhool (Université de Sherbrooke, CA); Christer Ahlund (Lulea University of Technology, SE); Soumaya Cherkaoui (University of Sherbrooke, CA)

Session II Security and Addressing Mechanisms

  • Hyperbolic Location Estimation of Malicious Nodes in Mobile WiFi/802.11 Networks. Christine Laurendeau (Carleton University, CA); Michel Barbeau (Carleton University, CA)
  • IP Address Configuration in VANET using Centralized DHCP. Brijesh Kadri Mohandas (University of Ottawa, CA); Ramiro Liscano (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, CA)

Session III MAC protocols

  • Supporting real-time data traffic in safety-critical vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Annette Bohm (Halmstad University, SE); Magnus Jonsson (Halmstad University, SE)
  • IEEE 802.11p modeling in NS-2. Balkrishna Gukhool (Université de Sherbrooke, CA); Soumaya Cherkaoui (University of Sherbrooke, CA)
Contact: Christer Åhlund & Soumaya Cherkaoui, workshop chairs.